It is apparent that the consumers go on the web when they look for any sort of products or services. there have been studies that showed that more than ninety percent of consumers look for any sort of businesses online. Since that is case, every business, no matter it is in its initial phase  or is well-established , must have online presence.

How COVID-19 impacted the Scenario?

This pandemic has shown a drastic image to everyone. Where in this 21st century, people were not ready to halt for even a minute, this Covid19 brought the world to a halt in many ways like:

  • The lockdown hit the businesses, industries and retails
  • Schools and institutions remained closed all these times
  • Consumers tend to online completely to avail assistance
  • The roads remains empty

Amidst this situation, only such businesses and companies that have online presence could make some advancements in their work. Indeed, the working landscape shifted completely from the physical campuses to the online world. Companies took the path of online working and work from home model. Employees worked from distant and remote areas. Amidst this all, the companies that have no online presence have ended up in debts and doom.

Online Presence is a Necessity

Where in the past online presence was seen just as an option for the businesses to reach out to more people and have more influence, COVID19 has shown that online presence is a necessity and no longer a fancy medium. This pandemic has been a wake up call for every small to medium to big company to get active online to survive in the present day corporate world. if you are present in the online world, you can:

  • Still do work, no matter in how less or huge capacity.
  • Can stay in touch with your consumers and clients through various online mediums
  • Keep your presence felt through your regular updates on the web
  • Keep your employees and consumers boosted with constant appreciation and positivity.

You know what, once your consumers would see that you stride even in the adverse times of this Covid19 time, they would have twofold belief in you. You never know how many such pandemic or such situations may arise in the coming future and it is a sensible move to learn from  such things and advance your ways of working. What is the point if you are selling excellent products and providing flawless services but, you are approachable only physically?  Remember that, such a thing would leave you cut off in the times of lockdown and similar instance. It is time that you adapt the online presence concept and bring new life in your business.

So, having said this, it is apparent that COVID19 proves that online presence is one thing that must not be compromised on.

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